Each program centers on a theme like "food," "size," or "communication." But from then on, anything goes—word cells cavort about to instruct and entertain, characters get their words in edgewise, word lore of all kinds lights up the nooks and crannies of the English language. Designed to arouse students' curiosity about words and to sharpen their awareness of language, the series includes standard vocabulary development and incorporates terms from specialized vocabularies, foreign languages, and slang.

A conventional accounting of what goes on in a Wordsmith program can't really do justice to the lively proceedings as Bob Smith conjures up a variety of short features (several of which appear in each program) to stimulate, reinforce, and sustain the attention of the viewer.

MR. HOMONYM has endless problems with the words that sound alike but are not.

MS. HYPERBOLE can't open her mouth without exaggerating.

MR. ALLITERATION'S statements seem strangely similar.

MR. REDUNDANT repeats himself needlessly and in the process becomes twins.

MS. ONOMATOPOEIA offers splash and crunch—each is a word and a sound too.

Thirty 15-min. programs
Grades 9–12
This series is part of the AIT Classics collection.

Animals I (DVD) Animals I (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Animals II (DVD) Animals II (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Body I (DVD) Body I (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Body II (DVD) Body II (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Communication (DVD) Communication (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Connection (DVD) Connection (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Cutting (DVD) Cutting (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Fire (DVD) Fire (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Food (DVD) Food (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Form (DVD) Form (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Leading (DVD) Leading (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Looking (DVD) Looking (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Measure and Metrics (DVD) Measure and Metrics (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Nature (DVD) Nature (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Numbers I (DVD) Numbers I (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Numbers II (DVD) Numbers II (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Numbers III (DVD) Numbers III (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Position (DVD) Position (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Potpourri (DVD) Potpourri (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now
Relatives (DVD) Relatives (DVD) $9.95 Buy Now

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